Chronicle of an event made by Constanta Rotary Club

On June 27-th, 2012, Constanta Rotary Club Foundation (CRC) renewed its management team, as every year. Gabriel Dimoftache – President of CRC 2011-2012 became Former President and his place was taken by Florentina Buhusi, for Rotarian year 2012-2013. The Rotarian year begins on July 1-st and ends on the last day of June next year, according to Rotary International usage.
The ceremony was exceptional, as the hosts – Piccadilly Complex in Mamaia – and the CRC organizing team – Garciu Tanase, Nicholas Spirescu and Daniel Sarbu – beating himself to offer all participants an unforgettable evening. Not without surprises, even the gourmet, nor of the arts. The onset of the evening was to receive aspirants Lidia Turcu Cristina Dincu, Alexander Galan and Dan Matei as full members in the CRC; they increase the number of Rotarians from 45 to 49 members.
Florentina Buhusi delighted us with a touching speech, which gleaned: “The challenges that I assume since that day until June 28, 2013 are not simple; as no one can do much alone, I am counting all support of my colleagues, found and measured by high-impact projects developed together until now! In the past 16 years of uninterrupted activity, we developed starting from a handful of hearty volunteers who helped various persons in difficulty, by a paternal structure, in which most members are involved less individual and more as a team, with clearly defined methods of action in the initiation and management of social projects.
In all these years I campaigned for education of the Romanian economic environment, by acquiring the idea of ethical management in general and the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in particular. Partnership with prestigious homologue institutions from U.K., joint development component of “Social Analysis & Research” today gives us a well-deserved leading position among other similar private initiatives on the market. I hope on the next future we may generate other high-impact community projects such as the prosthetic pilot station. Disabled patients are generally coming from the streets of the poorest people in society, which did not pay any social security fees and are not eligible for support by national public health.
I kindly thank to all my colleagues who have made success possible so far for Rotary Club Constanta Foundation in particular to Mr. Gabriel Dimoftache, our oldest and founder member, who change their status tonight from the President to Former Club President! Congratulations to Gabriel and his team!
After all these efforts, spiritual satisfaction to have done something good for the community comes only with smiles of gratitude received from our customers. “

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