A few weeks ago , we announce that we will return

with information about the Rotary Club Constanta partnerships.1 IMG_2768It was not long , and after a period of exploration of approx. three years we have come to conclude a partnership with an homologue foundation of Kavala – Greece. Between 08/30/13 to 09/01/13 we were visited by a team of volunteers belonging to the Greek foundation, the end of these talks materialized through the signature of twinning. We do not expect a very simple way, both partners having extensive expertise in terms of performance in volunteering. Rotary Club of Kavala was founded in 1952 and is composed of founding members on duty, which gives us at Constanta a new challenge. It is not a coincidence that this foundation – the guarantor of the performance of many other Rotary foundations in the Balkans – has laid the foundation stone to the formation of the Rotary Club of Varna, another traditional partner for Constanta’s volunteers. Although cultural exchanges with colleagues conducted both with the Bulgarians and Greeks started at the same time somehow, here, that just now came upon the completion of formalities with the Greek community.1 IMG_2699 In the next period we will prepare a program of activities that will take place in 2013-2015 . As underlined RC Kavala’s President – Mr. Ilias Sidiratos ” is simple to realize our formal fraternity framework, the harder it will be to put into practice all these noble ideas developed in Constanta. This will only be possible with a strong partner like Constanta Rotary Club.”… “Speaking the same language, addressed to local community we have identified several projects that we can easily tackle in the near future “underlined the President of Rotary Club Constanta – Rasid Ialcin. Along with the two presidents were present club members belonging to various internal management committees of both foundations mentioned as folllows: Eliza Ciutrea, Nitsa Sidiratos, Lefteris Tsakiridis, Iannis Spanakis, Florentina Enescu – Dombi, Laura Cinca, Gabriel Dimoftache, Florin Constantin, Anton Hiropedis, Cristina Dincu and many others. Rotary Club Constanta current meeting ended yesterday with a show supplied by Greek community exponents of Constanta, where we were entertained with traditional Greek dances. The rest are useless comments, pictures speak for themselves on adjacent cordial meetings of the Black Sea.

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