M/V Azamara

imageOn August 25-th, M/V Azamara brings from Istanbul to Constanta within 600 passengers, a number of 12 Rotarians from overseas.

Frank Deaver, named​ for the future „The​ P​​​romoter” called us one/two days before their arrival​and establish another rotarian friendship bridge here in Constanta. We were a little bit surprised to see an international call requested via a cell number from Alabama, as far as Obama was in Illinois on the same​time​…
Frank was not alone… a mosaic of fellows & families from Australia, USA, U.K. and Israel joined him for a short meeting at Bueno Caffee, with our welcome
​C​ommittee (Constantin Sava and Radu Mihailov from RC Constanta, Cristian Pruiu from Rotaract Club Constanta).
We have to thank all these volunteers and to underline that they postponed their regular city tour in order to met local Rotarians​.​
Below you have all their names.
Susan Larson.   (husband Don)
Swarthmore RC (Philadelphia area) Pennsylvania
Mark Zober (former Mongolia)
Jerusalem RC, Israel
Marilyn Farber (former Mongolia)  6038
Jerusalem RC, Israel
E. Brian Maxfield.  8005
Halesowen & Rowley Regis RC, Birmingham area, England
Micha Levy.   7037
Zichron Yaakov RC, Haifa area, Israel
Max Hardman.   7070
Melbourne RC, Australia
Frank Deaver   7077
Tuscaloosa RC, Alabama
As far as world is a small place, we are sure that new similar meetings will develop sooner between Rotary Clubs already mentioned.
Yours into Rotary,
Rotary Club Constanta

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