The visit of His Excellency Mr. Hidehiro Hosaka

On 09/28/2015, Rotary Club Constanta received the visit of His Excellency – Minister Counsellor of the Japanese Embassy in Bucharest, Mr. Hidehiro Hosaka. 1 DSC01439New social and economic bridges between local civil society and the visitor of the Rising Sun Country were open with this occasion. The presentation of the report touched on various topics starting from customs, culture, economy and ending with business opportunities. The real interest enjoyed economic parallelism Japan – Greece, the first having a public debt 26 times higher than the second country. Debt versus GDP is 174% in Greece, compared to 205% in Japan (2014).
The key is that the Japanese population deposits and the companies ones are located mainly in Japanese banks, from where the government routinely borrow. With no external creditors, which may influence the economy going, the final balance of payments is positive. The second element that keeps the Japanese economy at the forefront of successful economies lies in the superior added value included on export products. For example, carbon fiber produced in Japan, which replaced the plastic in 1960, owns 70% of the world market for aeronautical materials. Japanese animated films represent 60% of world production in the field. The enrollment rate in Japan is 100%. Therefore, the unemployment rate is below 4%. Japan gave 18 Nobel laureates in chemistry, medicine, literature and physics.
Talks continued up to 90 minutes, like time passing into another dimension. Request from the Romanian entrepreneurs have ended the session information, understanding what leverage they have at their disposal to identify and economics correspondent in Japan.
We like to think that last night Rotary Club Constanta attracted a new friend to the seaside community, with whom we may open new joint projects.

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