Humanitarian Projects

 I. Anti-Drug Campaign “Once means… always” – Regional Project developed in Romania and Republic of Moldova

II. Fund-raising campaign for Springtime – local project;

III. Anti-drug campaign “Drugs Teaching” – Regional Project developed in Constanta, Tulcea, Braila and Galati Counties from Romania;

IV. Campaign “All for Romania “against the negative image of some fellow citizens

V. The “Alcohol kills”

VI. Ancient Theatre Festival “Ovidius returns Home”

VII. The “shoe box” scheme for Independenta, Garliciu, Faurei, Gradina, Ovidiu, Cumpana, Baneasa, Ostrov, Oituz and several other village school children!

VIII. The “A valuable violin for a worthy young man !”

IX. Deep drilling project for water supply and sanitation achievement School of Faurei – Constanta County;