Steering Committee: President Constantin Sava, Past President Florentina Dombi-Enescu, Secretary Radu Mihailov, Elected President Tanase Garciu, Treasurer Laura Cinca.
Admission and exclusion: Florin Constantin
Assiduously Commission: Laura Cinca
Ongoing Tracking Programs Commission: Nelu Negrea
Public Relations Committee: Tanase Garciu
I-net CICO Officer: Radu Turcu
Training Officer: Gabriel Dimoftache
YEP Commission: Racu Constantin
Active Members:
1) Cociug Mitica / Elena; long race Captain CLC
2) Constantin Florin / Fanica; financial & economic consultacy
3) Dimoftache Gabriel / Lelia; engineer fisheries
4) Dombi – Florentina Enescu / Sandor; specialist physiotherapy
5) Garciu Tanase; musician
6) Guci George / Anca Silvia; gynecologist, hotel manager;
7) Ismail Temungin; security
8) Negrea Nelu; mechanical engineer
9) Mihailov Radu Mihail / Liliana; PMP developer program
10) Popescu Sandu Ionel; dipl. eng. & entrepreneur
11) Racu Constantin / Elena; lawyer
12) Raul Romero Suarez; naval dipl.eng.
13) Rugina Sorin / Claudia Nina; medicine, infectious diseases
14) Sava Constantin; engineer
15) Turcu Radu; lawyer
16) Vlasceanu Laura / Lucian; economist
Honorary members:
TITA Bibu Ioan
ROSU Vasile

(*) For reasons beyond the control of the site administrator it can be registered omissions in updating the database; members in this situation are asked to report any wrong info and receive our apologies in advance!

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