Santo André-Norte «100% Carbon-Free Club»

This Saturday, our Rotary Club achieved

through the Projeto Nosso Bosque (Our Forest Project), an important environmental footprint: Club 100% carbon free. Another historic day for a Club with so many achievements. We planted 900 trees on the banks of a dam and a stretch of river, observing the distances, both
between the trees and in relation to the margins, always according to the environmental standards in force. The preparation of seedlings, the land and the
protective fences that delimit the area has been given over almost five months of work of Fellow Helio Precinoti and his wife Jo. The Nosso Bosque is on a farm which is situated in Guaratinguetá, and was chosen there to make sure that this heritage will be preserved forever. Were planted native species of the Atlantic Forest, which will ensure an enabling environment for the development of local life. The disclosure of the project was made last July through the creation of the web site National and international fellowship was initiated through the Internet. We made an invitation to clubs to participate in the project through the commitment to carry out any environmental project, in return we will dedicate one of the trees of our forest. The result was extraordinary. Rotary Clubs, Rotary e-Clubs, Rotaract Clubs and a British NGO joined us. We formed a group of 145 participants from 44 countries in five continents. All received their digital certificate and dedication plaque beside a tree. The November 19th, 2011 will go down in our memory. We headed Guaratinguetá in a chartered bus to the «Colonia Farm», were we joined three rotarian motorcyclists and the couple host. We were honored by the presence of the couple District 4420 Governor, Fernando Dias Sobrinho and Sonia and the Assistant Governor of Area III, Cleusa Rosenbaum and her husband Rubens. The feeling of accomplishment was obvious in the smile on the faces of all. The Project Nosso Bosque does not end here, we must take advantage of this global approach feeling and increase environmental awareness of the planet.
Let’s get to work
Átila Brú
Presidente Agregador

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