To Constanta, To a Better City!

We show our faith in an organization, an idea, a thought, belief, friendship by our total and clear commitment, expressing with confidence and honor: “To Peace!”, “To Justice!”, “To You!, “To Rotary”!

“To Constanta, to a better city!”

This is a toast that we dedicate to the absolute that we believe in and that holds us together, which brings closer other peers of ours that share the same conviction, the same belief. We take all of that “To …” in order to deepen the split between us and … the rest, those who do not understand, do not accept and do not share the same belief with us.

Diverting from the conviction, “To …”, to the object of conviction, “…Constanta, a better city”, we simply fully assume the exactingness the word “better” imposes and the complex of status, actions, projects involved in.

Also, focusing on the same stylistic register, the social framework development condition may be highlighted farther by reference to a derivative of the word “good”, namely “welfare” (richness, prosperity). The pair of the counter pole, “poverty” (deficiency, misery, needs) manages to bring up an important factor for acquiring a sense of comfort, which the slogan refers to, namely financial status.

Money plays a crucial role when talking about improving something, mending a situation and stepping up in a value hierarchy.
We cannot speak of a better environment if we do not reveal what resources are available to change a situation that does not meet standards generally accepted by the society.
Of course the material is not the only pawn in the struggle with the human need for self-improvement and continuous self-modeling.

Another derivative of the word “better”, namely “goodness” (kindness, gentleness) refers to a condition this time not of environment but of human identity, either single or in a social group where it develops. Along with the development of a prolific and appropriate environment, the responses also pour down on individuals that occupy it. Progress and forward direction has always been a human need. But this condition not only works vice-versa, but also implies the first: when people feel good, they create around them a sense of balance and harmony.

And then, one by one, Constanta becomes a social city of our fellow creatures, the ones who need our power to support him. Constanta itself is transforming into a giant project, composed of dozens of projects that must change for better every particle of life in this city, every idea, and every desire. Constanta is becoming a conglomeration of ideas that can improve relations between people, can anticipate problems and can find, considering the goodness that holds us together, the way to take a side and solve every bit of sadness, misunderstanding and unhappiness.

“To Constanta, to a better city” notes a unit trust and help criterion of devotion to the one near us, to us and to others who would find useful a manifestation of intellect against the social.

“To Constanta, to a better city” is our ability to make us useful, rather than only for ourselves and without expecting any other rewards except the satisfaction read in the eyes of that people that we could be useful to, justifying our existence and giving it a form of rightfulness.

Re-edifying trust for ordinary people facing problems of everyday life, we may progress to what they are able to do for their community, how they can help our city to become a better, more flourishing and attractive one. Hence there is only one step towards improving the living standards of an entire community.

“To Constanta, to a better city” represents our ability to assume faith in an innovative idea to include an improvement, progress, a significant increase that would ultimately generate a sense of harmony and balance!

Concluding, we talk about something good as a higher quality or something transformed, transformed into a condition more valuable than before. As we establish the premises of the purpose, the conditions and factors influencing the process of becoming must be set, either if they are related to the realistic side: financial status, or related to the humanist and spiritual side of affective-motivational relations between people.

The project I propose aims to identify solutions for improvement, those people who may implement and, last but not least, the project proposes a step forward, one step ahead of Constanta inhabitants, a direct-taking of Rotary’s role in helping the community.

We can do nothing without your support, of the community you are part of. We invite you to join us, to support the initiatives of Rotary Club Constanta Foundation, to participate with us in any of the Foundation meetings – which are public – every Monday at 19:00, at the Palace Hotel in Constanta, 5-7 Remus Opreanu Street. All you need is to inform of your presence two (2) days before, dialing 0741014014.

We will bring to light our satisfaction to be good Romanians, to enjoy with all our dear ones when voluntarily assumed moral obligations become realities in the community where we live!

We are pleased to invite you!


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