Who is Rotary?

What is Rotary?
Rotary is a worldwide organization whose members are people who gives his life to humanitarian projects, people who encourage, support and motivate projects coming to the aid of society, without wishing, in return, political, electoral, material or otherwise benefits!

What is the purpose of the Rotary Club Constanta?
Rotary Club Constanta Foundation assumed and fully understood the concept of social responsibility that we ought to feel each of us trying to help our neighbors and build a company that works on the principle of reciprocity and unbiased devotion.

– Creating a pilot program to link various Rotary clubs and/or another homologue NGO’s in their own efforts to provide groups opportunities, offering on the same time, flexibility in implementation and response to the needs of their local community.
– Develop criteria to be used for selecting a future collective program, including a standard measure of success.
– Develop a process to identify the future collective program
– Pursuing cooperation opportunities with other organizations to better accomplish the program objectives.
– Develop and build a successful plan for organizational consensus in order to implement the collective program selected.

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